Our Journey with Tantra: An Intimate Conversation

Listen in as Brion and Karen discuss their journey with Tantra and how Tantra has changed their lives.

They also teach how Tantra can help people with semen retention, ED (Erectile Dysfunction), PE (Pre-Mature Ejaculation), how to become multi-orgasmic, how to connect with your orgasmic self and so much more!


We are excited to offer this comprehensive LIVE online 4 session workshop just for men!  Men, you will learn the Tantric Keys to S.E.X. — Success, Empowerment and eXpansion.  Discover how to use meditation, breathing, pleasure and other Tantric techniques to dissolve inner blocksthat have been keeping you from experiencing the success, empowerment and expansion (in and out of the bedroom) that are your birthright!  You will also learn hidden techniques to achieve powerful erectionslast longer, become multi-orgasmic, circulate Fire Energy, and connect with your partner to become the lover you have always dreamed you could be! Classes will fill up quickly, so register today!