We did it!

After 11 months, 500 hours of intensive training and a week of grueling final exams in Seattle, Washington, my husband Brion and I graduated from the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education last night as certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners and Educators! (Authentic Tantra™️is a lineage based holistic healing modality rooted in the 17,000 year old Tibetan 5 element healing practices.) The sacrifice of resources, time and energy and all that has arisen over these past 11 months, threatened to derail our efforts so many times, but we made it.

For me, after spending my entire adult life as a lawyer and then judge, this is a major shift for me that brings me into alignment with my life long passion for holistic healing. I am so grateful to the Institute and in particular our principal instructor and founder of the Institute, Devi Ward Erickson, for her vision, wisdom and patience as we made this journey.

Now, we head back to Atlanta with our newly minted certifications to begin this work in earnest!



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