Tantra for Women:  Free Your Inner Goddess

Every woman longs to free her “authentic self”…that self that is uniquely her, apart from the many roles she plays in her family, the workplace and in society.  

Through this 4 session LIVE online course, you will learn Tantric techniques and tools to mend inner hurts, heal sexual and other trauma, expand and experience your full orgasmic capacity, and dissolve blocks to bliss that have kept you from unleashing the powerful and orgasmic being you are!  

This course
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If you are a woman who desires…

  • More powerful and consistent orgasms
  • Relief from the effects of trauma, particularly sexual trauma
  • Expanded pleasure, joy and peace in EVERY area of your life
  • Greater ease in navigating life changes such as divorce, marriage, menopause 
  • Freedom to be and express yourself authentically
  • Healthier and more fulfilling relationships

…Then the Authentic Tantra practices and techniques you will learn in this class are designed just for you!

In this course, you will:


  • Learn Authentic Tantra self awareness practices, meditations, somatic and other tools to connect with your own heart, hear your own voice and feel at home in your body.
  • How to to use Tantric tools and other techniques to dissolve blocks to your mental emotional, and physical wholeness
  • How to use pleasure as medicine to heal inner hurts and expand orgasmic capacity

You will also learn Authentic Tantric practices such as:


  • Practical tools on how to expand your orgasmic potential
  • How to dissolve blocks to the bliss you desire and deserve
  • How to use the breath, mediation and movement to cultivate your Fire Energy fire to ignite your full orgasmic potential
  • Tools and techniques to bring greater health to your reproductive organs
  • Through Tantric tools, discover the beauty and wonder of your WHOLE body, especially your reproductive and sexual anatomy
  • How to perform orgasmic awareness practice to enable you to discover in private what brings YOU pleasure   .

Give yourself the gift of self care beginning today!

Join this LIVE online workshop for only $197.00.
This 4 week class Schedule is:

Sunday, January 20, 2019 6:00-7:30pm EST
Sunday, January 27th, 2019 6:00-7:30pm EST
Saturday February 2, 2019 6:00-7:30pm EST
Sunday February 10, 2019 6:00-7:30pm EST

Note: Recordings of each class will be accessible online for 30 days after each live class.