Tantra for Women:  Free Your Inner Goddess


Every woman longs to free her “authentic self”…that self that is uniquely her, apart from the many roles she plays in her family, the workplace and in society.  Through this comprehensive three level, LIVE online program, you will learn Tantric techniques and tools to mend inner hurts, heal sexual and other trauma, expand and experience your full orgasmic capacity, and dissolve blocks to bliss that have kept you from unleashing the powerful and orgasmic being you are!

If you are a woman who desires…

  • More powerful and consistent orgasms
  • Relief from the effects of trauma, particularly sexual trauma
  • Expanded pleasure, joy and peace in EVERY area of your life
  • Greater ease in navigating life changes such as divorce, marriage, menopause 
  • Freedom to be and express yourself authentically
  • Healthier and more fulfilling relationships

…Then the Authentic Tantra® practices and techniques you will learn in this program are designed just for you!

In this program, you will:


  • Learn Authentic Tantra® self awareness practices, meditations, somatic and other tools to connect with your own heart, hear your own voice and feel at home in your body.
  • How to to use Tantric tools and other techniques to dissolve blocks to your mental emotional, and physical wholeness
  • How to use pleasure as medicine to heal inner hurts and expand orgasmic capacity

You will also learn Authentic Tantric® practices such as:


  • How to expand your orgasmic potential
  • How to dissolve blocks to the bliss you desire and deserve
  • How to use the breath, mediation and movement to cultivate your Fire Energy fire to ignite your full orgasmic potential
  • Tools and techniques to bring greater health to your reproductive organs
  • Through Tantric tools, discover the beauty and wonder of your WHOLE body, especially your reproductive and sexual anatomy
  • How to perform an orgasmic awareness practice to enable you to discover in private what brings YOU pleasure.
Essence of Tantra - Level I

About Level I, “Essence of Tantra”

During this comprehensive 4 week session:

  •  You will learn what Tantra is, the history of Tantra and the various types of Tantra.
  •  You will be introduced to the four pillars of Authentic Tantra®, which are Meditation, Movement, Connection and Pleasure.
  • We will teach you about the human energy system, including chakras, as they relate to Tantra.
  • You will learn Tantric breathing techniques that will relax your nervous system and set you on a course of  inner healing, connection, expansion of pleasure and that provide the foundation for deeper work and couples connection.
  • You will learn an Authentic Tantric® meditation that will help to dissolve blocks and hurts resulting from abandonment, loss of relationships due to experiences such as death or divorce and that will enable you to experience greater peace and move through life with an open heart.
  • We will also teach you an Authentic Tantric® meditation that will help to dissolve inner attachments to those things that no longer serve you or perhaps never served your best interest.  For example, it will help dissolve habits, limiting beliefs, and attachments to places, people, or experiences that are hindering your ability to experience the life you deserve.
  • You will learn how to cultivate Fire element energy to magnetize what you desire into your life, dissolve attachments, and create a life of bliss. 
  • Using Tantric tools, we will teach you how to connect to the sacredness of your body and provide practical instruction about your  reproductive and sexual anatomy.
  • You will learn how to use Tantric breath, meditations and visualization to energize your pelvic region and ignite your full orgasmic potential.
  • Using specific Authentic Tantra® tools and techniques, this session will help you to identify and focus on what pleasure truly is, how it can be used as medicine and how to expand pleasure in your life.
  •  In this session, we will teach you an Authentic Tantra® pleasure practice to use in private that will enable you to discover, connect with and expand your own orgasmic and pleasure capacity.



Field of Bliss - Level II

About Level 2, “Field of Bliss”

(Note that Level 2 may be taken only after Level 1 has been completed. However, a savings is available when they are purchased together.)

During this comprehensive 4 week session:

  • Using additional Authentic Tantra® techniques and tools, you will deepen and expand the practices you developed in Level 1, “The Essence of Tantra.”
  • Learn a special meditation that you can use as part of your own sessions or with a partner to awaken sexual energy.
  • You will learn how to use yoni yoga to experience deeper, longer and stronger orgasm, as well as to help counteract fatigue and even help to support a healthy weight.  
  •  Learn a meditation to dissolve anger that is expressed both towards yourself and others that may be cloaking deeper emotions such as fear, grief, jealousy, lack and disappointment.
  • We will teach you special exercises that will move life force energy through your body and in particular your pelvic floor.  The exercises help break up emotions locked in the pelvis and even adhesions in the reproductive organs.
  • The key to Tantric sex is cultivating present related awareness with focus.  We will teach you a special breathing practice that will allow you to develop these qualities both inside and outside of sexual sessions.
  • You will expand the tools you learned in Level 1 to focus on your pleasure and to bring heightened awareness and experience of all forms of pleasure, in particular your sexual pleasure. 
  • We will teach you the purpose of yoni eggs in Authentic Tantra® and how to use them to cultivate sexual energy and enhanced pleasure, as well as to help heal the reproductive organs, and relieve vaginal pain and dryness.
  • We will teach you a practice that will enable your body, mind and speech to begin to fall easily into a state of relaxed presence, allowing you to enjoy more pleasure during sex and more mindfulness during your everyday activities.
  • In this session, you will learn how to identify emotional trauma stored in your body and the Tantric tools to heal and dissolve it.
  • Though this is a women’s class, we will demonstrate a couples connection practice so that you can learn how these practices operate in the context of a couple.
  • You will learn movements using the elements of fire, earth, space, air and water that will allow you to express yourself more erotically, strengthen the pelvic muscles, harness and direct life force energy throughout your body and just have fun!
  • In this session, you will learn a Full Authentic Tantra® Self Pleasure technique to use in private that will promote self awareness, self healing, removal of emotional blocks and enable you to experience deep and extended pleasure.  
  • We will teach you how to move energy in your throat chakra to allow you to express your authentic truth and to hear your own inner voice, as well as to dissolve blocks from experiences in which your voice was unheard, ignored, or silenced.  
The Fully Awakened Woman - Level III

About Level 3, “The Fully Awakened Woman”

(Note that Level 3 may be taken only after Levels 1 and 2 have been completed. However, a savings is available when they are purchased together.)

You made it!  Level 3, “The Fully Awakened Woman”, is 4 weeks of private, personal coaching customized to fit your individual needs and goals. We work with you one-on-one during each 60-90 minute session as your personal coaches to help you to fully integrate into your daily life the Authentic Tantra® instruction and practices you learned in the first two levels (“Essence of Tantra” and “Field of  Bliss.”)  In addition to taking you step-by-step through what you have already learned, we add practices and instruction not available at Levels 1 and 2.   At this level, we will help you to remove any remaining blocks that are hindering you from moving through life as a Fully Awakened Woman!  

“Awaken the wild woman in you — She has been asleep too long.”

Registration for upcoming classes opening soon!