Upcoming Workshops

Friends and family, we have been working in the kitchen to prepare this amazing meal for you, and now the time has come…”Gourmet Sex – A Taste of Tantra” starts this Thursday!!

Through the healing power of Tantra, this sensual menu will arouse your senses, awaken your full sexual potential and deepen love, compassion and connection with yourself, in your relationships and with the world.

Tantra is medicine for your body, mind and soul, especially during these stressful and often uncertain time.  Nurture, support and LOVE yourself today by joining us at this amazing virtual retreat! 

To register, and for more information click http://bit.ly/tastethepleasure

Past Workshops

Brion and Karen Craig, Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioners & Certified Sexologists are honored to have been invited to speak at the “One World Tantra Festival,” June 1-7, which will be held online this year.  (To purchase tickets for the event, click https://www.tantrafestival.online/?aff=93 and use coupon code EXPLORE for an additional 25% off!)

On Monday, June 1st, Karen will teach “Tantra for Grandmas: How to Feel Vibrant and Alive at Every Stage of Your Life.” This workshop is for anyone (not just grandparents:)) who desires more pleasure, joy and peace, no matter your age or stage in life! Karen will teach you how to use Tantric tools to expand and enhance your libido, sense of adventure, sensuality, authenticity, power and deep connection with yourself and in your relationships.

On Tuesday, June 2nd, Brion and Karen will teach a workshop together called “The Path to Radical Intimacy for EveryBODY.” Though all bodies are created equal, they do not experience the world in the same way. There is an added layer of culturally generated trauma in the lives and bodies of those who live in black, brown, non-binary, or other marginalized bodies. Tantra, as it’s practiced in the West, is often thought of as primarily for bodies that are regarded as physically fit, cisgender, binary or white. Yet, Tantra was created for ALL bodies for the purpose of cultivating healing, transformation, enlightenment, peace and pleasure. In this workshop, Brion and Karen will use somatically based, Tantric tools to show you how to heal and balance your energy body and nervous system, which may have become dysregulated as a result of cultural conditioning, attitudes and traumatic experiences around the body you inhabit. When you are able to become deeply embodied, fully present and at home in your body, your body becomes a clear channel to experience a life of radical intimacy and connection with yourself and in your relationships.

The One World Tantra Festival is a 7-day festival, which runs from Monday, June 1 through Sunday, June 7, 2020, and includes more than 100 of the world’s top Tantra Facilitators and over 200+ hours of live, online workshops, performances and events. Your ticket gives you full access to the entire festival, including all 200+ workshops, performances and events, along with 30 days of access to the recorded workshop library.

The planners of the Festival have deeply discounted the cost of this event as a gift to the planet in light of the global emergency so much of the world is facing. For information about the Festival, the incredible line-up of presenters and workshops, and to purchase tickets to the Festival, CLICK
https://www.tantrafestival.online/?aff=93. If you use coupon code EXPLORE you will receive an additional 25% discount! To reach Brion and Karen directly, feel free to email them at connect@exploretantra.com